Framed Subbuteo

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Showing 1–18 of 21 results

You don’t have to iron the pitch, set out the stands and adhere to all the rules to enjoy Subbuteo. The tabletop game enjoyed by generations has become much more than just a game over the years.

The world of Subbuteo include collectors, competitive players and even pieces of artwork such as our ranges of Framed Subbuteo. By taking figures out of some iconic Subbuteo teams and placing them into quality frames, we at the Students of the Game Shop have created unique gifts for football fans.

A New Way to Look at Subbuteo

Truth be told, few of us here at Students of the Game managed to play too many games of Subbuteo to a conclusion. At least not playing to the rules the whole way through.

The rules of the game were set out to make it a genuine test of skill which is something of a rarity for a tabletop game. They were just a small part of the thrill of Subbuteo for so many children though.

Collecting Subbuteo teams, setting up all the accessories and spending time competing with your friends – that’s what we remember about Subbuteo but most of all we remember the figures.

There was nothing quite like heading to Toys ‘R’ Us and picking up a fresh new team Subbuteo team from English football or further afield. The problem with was that those perfectly intact teams were doomed to be snapped the moment they came out of that famous green packaging.

Well, what if there was a way to prolong the joy and the beauty of a Subbuteo figure? What if we could create truly special unique sports gifts for fans of Subbuteo and football?

We believe we have done that with our Kits Through the Years and Home and Away ranges of Framed Subbuteo. 

Football Gifts for Him, Her Or Maybe Just You?

We all have that one person we struggle to buy presents for. One of the main purposes of the Students of the Game Shop is to provide high quality, thoughtful yet inexpensive gifts for the football fan in your life.

You don’t have to have played Subbuteo religiously as a child to recognise the simple beauty of these pieces of football wall art. 

Our Home and Away range does what it says on the tin to coin a phrase. We’ve taken a classic home and away kit from a host of different teams and paired them in a small frame. They’re ideal to bring a bit of colour and personality to a desk or to place on top of a mantelpiece.

The Kits Through the Years range is bigger and bolder. These chart the change in kits used for Subbuteo teams through the years. It’s up to the receiver of the gift where they place them but we think they’re stunning up on the wall on their own thanks to the wide white surround which allows the kits and pitch-like backdrop to take centre stage. 

We’re always working on new additions to our Framed Subbuteo ranges. Keep your eyes peeled for fresh ideas and many new teams. You can even get in touch with us if there’s a team you’d like us to feature.